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Can you help with snoring?

2 months ago

Snoring is a common occurrence. There is the normal kind of snoring that’s harmless, then there’s the excessive and persistent kind of snoring, which can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). If your snoring is linked with OSA, it’s serious because it can lead to other problems like sleep disturbances and blocking of the airways while asleep.

However, snoring doesn’t immediately mean you have OPA, as there are times when snoring is an indication of fatigue or stress. To know the difference, it’s important to understand first how snoring occurs. When the soft tissue, or soft pallet located at your throat relaxes and rolls to the back of your throat, it restricts the airflow. When this happens, the soft tissue vibrates as you breathe, causing you to snore. For some individuals, snoring can occur for a few rare instances or can be a persistent condition. People who snore usually aren’t aware that they do unless their partner, roommate, family member, or friend who hears the snoring informs them. If you know someone who snores, inform them so they are aware of it and can consult a dentist if they experience other sleeping problems.

One of the most common symptoms of sleep apnoea is snoring. If left untreated, OPA can cause more health problems, so diagnosis and treatment is urgent and important. It is time to consult your dentist if you experience the following symptoms of sleep apnoea tied with snoring:

  • Pauses during snoring
  • Choking or gasping for air after these pauses
  • Sleepiness during the day despite having enough sleep or a normal sleeping time the night before
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Morning headaches
  • Breathing cessation
  • Dry mouth or sore throat immediately after waking up
  • Mood swings or personality changes
  • Difficulty staying asleep and waking up frequently

Your dentist can treat this condition by administering some snoring treatments that can help you sleep better. There are effective oral and dental devices available that can help with this condition.

Dr. Neil Paryani of Oatlands Dental Lounge has undergone special training in providing anti-snoring devices to patients that can benefit from snoring treatments. Set up an appointment with Dr. Paryani for condition assessment and treatment evaluation. He will perform an examination to determine if you indeed suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea. If you are an OPA sufferer, Dr. Paryani will discuss with you recommended snoring treatment options.

Snoring devices are quite simple and easy to use. A snoring device helps to position and hold your jaw forward while you’re sleeping. It can also help keep your tongue from relaxing and rolling back onto the back of your throat and blocking your airway. When in position, it brings your lower soft tissue forward. Aside from being affordable, snoring devices are also comfortable to use. If you have OPA, snoring devices can be a valuable option to treat your condition and help you sleep better. Consult your private dentist today for treatment options.

Dr Neil Paryani

BDS (Hons.) MJDF RCS (Eng), MClinDent (FRP Lond) FICOI, MSc (Dental Implantology)

Dr Poonam Paryani

BDS (Lond) MJDF RCS (Eng)

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