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Tooth Removal

Although we do our best to “save” your teeth, occasionally extractions may be necessary due to wide-spread damage, caused by injury or disease.

With any extraction it is important to carefully examine the tooth or teeth being treated. We will perform a thorough visual examination and use x-ray imaging to determine the condition of the tooth and surrounding tissues. Such an assessment is vital not only to ensure a smooth, trouble-free extraction, but also serves as support to your dentist’s recommendations for your future replacement tooth treatments.

We understand that you may be experiencing anxiety about your tooth extraction, which may be coupled with your extended discomfort, due to your damaged tooth. For anxious patients we offer the option of conscious sedation in addition to completely numbing the treatment area. This can give you a more relaxed treatment experience. We are experienced in helping nervous patients to be at ease. Our sedation options, combined with our calming chair side manner and relaxed tone, allow patients to successfully complete treatments which they may have previously thought were more difficult for them to achieve.

Most tooth extractions are a straightforward procedure, followed by at-home care that includes rest, gentle care of the extraction site, and short-term restrictions regarding what you eat and drink. Your dentist will discuss your extraction treatment with you, explaining what to expect during and after your extraction, as well as your aftercare.

Your tooth extraction may involve what are commonly referred to as “wisdom” teeth. Wisdom teeth are located at the very back of your tooth row and often never break through the gum tissue, so you may be unaware they exist. This circumstance underlines the importance of regular dental exams, where X-rays will reveal the location and development of your wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth may abruptly make themselves known when they are invaded by infection and an abscess, with its associated pain, creates the need for an extraction. Your dentist’s examination will reveal the presence and the exact size and location of your wisdom tooth, the extent of any infection, and any other factors which might affect a future extraction.

Your dentist will thoroughly explain your wisdom tooth extraction treatment, including the procedures used, your anaesthetic options, and your expected aftercare needs. For severely impacted wisdom teeth, or if your tooth has a complicated root position or structure, we may suggest that the extraction be performed under the expert care of one of our clinicians whose practice is limited to oral surgery.

An impacted wisdom tooth. Some bone is removed to gain access, the tooth is split and the roots are removed separately. The gum is then replaced and heals naturally

Dr Neil Paryani

BDS (Hons.) MJDF RCS (Eng), MClinDent (FRP Lond) FICOI, MSc (Dental Implantology)

Dr Poonam Paryani

BDS (Lond) MJDF RCS (Eng)

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